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Get GoDrive Fleet Tracking and Track all your vehicles on map in Real-time!

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GoDrive Driver's log, Fleet Tracking and Mileage reporting


Plug in the OBD-tracker or connect 12/24 voltage. Tracking starts and continues automatically.


GPS tracking data is saved each 5 seconds and can be viewed on map in real-time.

Easy Reporting

Full Reporting of Routes for invoicing and mileage claims with exact timestamps and Street addresses.

Compatible with all browsers

GoDrive Web Application can be used in Computers and Android and iPhone Phones and Tablets without installation.

Efficiently Monitor Your Fleet

Simplify fleet monitoring by effortlessly tracking different vehicles, all displayed within a comprehensive map view.

Full Warranty Coverage

Our tracking units come with full warranty that is valid for the duration of the contract.

Google Map View

When using GoDrive, you get access to Google Maps fast and high level capacity. Location data is stored in and fetched from servers in EU-area. Servers and programs have been optimized to get the location of cars in a fraction of a second.


Accurate Automated Positioning

Mileage reports for billing and tax deductions

The GoDrive system captures and saves GPS locations with precision and automation.

Get GPS data and mileage reports to fully meet the requirements of billing and tax deductions.

GoDrive Driver's Logbook OBD Tracker + Job button


Get precise and easy to use positioning and mileage reporting. Order now GoDrive Web Application + OBD-II Plug-in GPS Tracker with mobile data and Wireless Job button.

Fleet tracking from 2010




Million routes


Billion GPS points

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Install GoDrive to your Android Phone and use for free!

Free with no annoying advertisements. With our GoDrive Android Application you can use your Phone as a GPS device to track your driving. You can report Mileages using either the GoDrive Android Application or any computer with a compatible Browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Link to Google play

QR link to Download. Scan QR code by your Android Phone


  • Option 1: Install GoDrive Application from Google Play.

    The GoDrive Application uses your Android mobile phone as a GPS Tracking device.

    You can try the GoDrive for free for one month and can order the paid version yearly.

    Print your mileage reports using your phone or any computer or tablet with a compatible browser.

    Pros/Cons when using your Mobile Phone as a GPS Tracker: No additional costs of the tracking unit. / The phone must have the GoDrive process running at all times or the program must be turned on when driving. Cannot be used in iPhone so far.

  • Option 2: Order the OBD-II Plug-in GPS Tracker and Job-buttonbox from our site.

    Plug the tracker to car's OBD-II connector. When driving at work, keep the Job driving button On.

    Print your mileage reports using your phone or any computer or tablet with a compatible browser.

    Pros/Cons when using a separate GPS tracker in car: Is not dependent of your mobile phone. No need to activate tracking manually. / A one-time cost to buy a GPS Tracking device from GoDrive web site.

  • Option 1: Track Job-types: Install Wireless Job-type buttonboxes into vehicles. Drivers can select 3 different job-types. Job types can be named separately for every vehicle.
  • Option 2: Identify drivers: Install GoDrive Wireless Driver Id Card readers into vehicles. Drivers can be identified by personal Id Cards.
  • Option 3: Track Job-types and Identify drivers using Mobile phones: Drivers can use their mobile phones to select job types and the vehicle which they drive using GoDrive Mobile Web App.
  • GPS tracking: You can track all the vehicles on real-time map to manage working, driving and delivery processes. You can use any computer, tablet or phone with a compatible browser to manage your fleet.
  • Reporting: Print the mileage reports, working reports and combined reports for invoicing and accounting.
  • Pros / Cons:
  • Pros: Improved fleet efficiency. Enhanced safety and security. Better customer service. Cost savings because of better utilization of fleet during everyday work.
  • Cons: GPS Tracking unit price and installation costs about 100€ / vehicle + Monthly costs.

A GPS tracker is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the location of a vehicle or asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals.

GoDrive delivers the GPS vehicle trackers as plug and play. After you attach the tracker to the vehicle and connect the power, the tracker starts recording and sends positions of the vehicle through the mobile data network.

GPS mileage reporting involves using a GPS tracking device to record and report on vehicle mileage. This is beneficial for various purposes such as accurate business expense reporting and tax deductions.

GoDrive delivers trackers with accuracy of 2.5-10 meters when the car is driving outside. In some areas with tall buildings, trees, or bad weather, and under roofs and tunnels, the accuracy is lower or the position cannot be recorded.

GPS tracker transmits location data in real-time to a user or system, while a GPS logger records and stores the location data for later viewing or analysis. All GoDrive trackers transmit real-time data to the server. If the mobile network connection is temporarily unavailable, the tracker stores positions in its own memory. After the connection to the mobile network is available, the tracker sends logged positions to the server with a time delay.

Factors that can interfere with GPS tracking include physical obstructions like buildings, trees, and hills, as well as atmospheric conditions and electronic interference.